Hot! Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 Review, Pros and Cons – A Good Choice?

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Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 16GB Android Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 Review

The Samsung Galaxy Note N7000is definitely not your typical smartphone. After witnessing the steady sale of their Galaxy tablets and taking into consideration the everyday needs and habits of phone and mobile technology users, Samsung have developed what is truly a new breed of smartphone. Somewhere between a phone and a tablet, the N7000 delivers a wide range of options.

The first thing about the N7000 that you will notice is its unconventional size. For a phone, this thing is rather large – not awkwardly large, but certainly bigger than your average phone. That being said, the HD screen displays some beautiful, vibrant colors and is perfect for watching videos, surfing the net and playing games. The extra space also comes in handy when making use of the stylus feature. The stylus, or S Pen, can be used as a standard pen to make notes and draw with, and also works well with various application functions. Additionally, the N7000 is fast, containing a dual-core 1.4Ghz ARM processor; has plenty of space to store data; and comes loaded with the reliable Android operating system.

Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 Pros and Cons

A brief review of the pros and cons of the device follows.

Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 Pros:

  • Large screen. With a lot of space to work with, the N7000 is ideal for people who want to watch videos and read on their phone. The HD technology and high resolution provide a crystal clear picture.
  • Camera options. The front and rear cameras offer a lot of versatility, taking pictures of up to 8MP.
  • Speed. The dual-core processor makes this phone incredibly fast, resulting in unnoticeable loading times.
  • Intuitive functionality. With some very useful options, this really is a smart phone which can learn your habits and needs and become a truly invaluable guide.
  • Stylus. Samsung have revitalized the stylus and mastered the technology, making for quite a unique experience. Of course, use of the stylus is optional and the N7000 is perfectly capable of taking orders from your finger as well.

Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 Cons:

  • Large. Having a large screen certainly provides its benefits, but those of you wanting to buy a compact phone to carry around in pocket all day may want to look elsewhere.
  • Stylus easy to lose. Having a separate, detachable component for your phone like the S Pen can result in two possibilities: 1 – you hold on to it, and 2 – you lose it.

Samsung generally have a pretty excellent quality rating. Their products are durable, look good and are designed to function well. The N7000 definitely delivers in these respects, providing users with a lot of options and a few extra tricks to keep them entertained. The price is decent, making this a good choice for people who may also want something along the lines of a tablet.

All things considered, the Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 is just a well-made piece of technology. It does everything that a smartphone should do without unnecessarily packing in useless options or compromising ease of use. With its extensive features, the N7000 is the ideal all-in-one solution for anybody looking for an intelligent mobile device.

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    Thank you for sharing this. I just bought galaxy note last week. Now really enjoy drawing on it! ;)

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