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Nikon D4 Review

The D4 is Nikon’s latest DSLR Camera, somewhat similar to the Nikon D3S, but with a host of new features. The Nikon D4 release comes two years after the release of the D3S, which (along with the Nikon D3) had already proven to be a popular choice for both professional photographers and casual camera users alike. However, in addition to new features, Nikon have significantly improved upon existing ones, making the Nikon D4specs alone, rather impressive.

Firstly, the D4 now sports a 16.2 Megapixel CMOS Sensor, a significant improvement over the D3S’s 12.1 Megapixels. This allows for some exceptionally crisp image capturing, and with Nikon’s new EXPEED3 image processor technology you can shoot clear and precise still shots up to 11 fps. Another reason to buy the D4 over previous models is its ability to shoot full High Definition 1080p video. That’s some seriously high resolution, broadcast quality video, cropped at cinema standard 16:9 aspect ratio and available in a choice of formats. The results are nothing short of phenomenal. As with the D3S, the D4 has a built-in monaural microphone, but this time Nikon have provided the option to attach an external stereo microphone for added clarity and spatial dynamics. There are both CF and XQD removable memory card slots to store photos and videos, and the D4 can also be used with Nikon’s WT-5A Wireless Transmitter for super easy file transfers.

Nikon D4 Pros and Cons

So, let us recap and review some of the pros and cons of the Nikon D4.

Nikon D4 Pros:

  • Accuracy. Ideal for capturing fast-motion action.
  • Image quality and resolution. 16.2 Megapixel images make for beautiful, well defined photographs in all environments and light conditions.
  • HD Video capability. Video is in full 1080p HD and the quality is spectacular.
  • Stereo Audio capability. Having the option to record audio in high-quality stereo makes the D4 broadcast-ready in all aspects.
  • Miscellaneous functionality improvements. With the D4, Nikon has truly perfected the operation and features which were present in the D3S, making for an easier to use, well-tuned powerhouse of a DSLR camera.

Nikon D4 Cons:

  • Battery life. Not necessarily a con; however, the added functionality has naturally affected the power rating of the D4, with the battery life being not quite as good as that of the D3S.

Having said that, a bit of battery life is definitely a worthwhile sacrifice for the D4’s much improved functionality and features. Much of the time with new cameras, improvements over previous models are not really significant enough to warrant the sale of an entirely new device. In other words, manufacturers tweak a few options here and there, and essentially release the same camera but with a different name and a deceptively thicker guide. This, however, is not the case with the Nikon D4, which is noticeably superior to its predecessors after only a short amount of use.

The Nikon D4 is an excellent option for anyone with a serious interest in photography. Fans of the previous D3S will undoubtedly appreciate what Nikon have done with the D4; and, if you can afford the price, I would certainly recommend the upgrade. The added features and improved image quality are well worth it.

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